Glori R. Zeltzer, M.A.

Do you wonder if you and your partner are growing apart?

Tired of not connecting?  Having the same old argument?

Are you single and choosing partners that disappoint you?

Do you know what it takes to have a good relationship?

Sometimes the feelings that bring couples together get lost in the struggles of everyday life.

Learn how to resolve conflicts and share feelings without arguing.

Use conflict to create deeper intimacy instead of distance.

Nobody teaches us how to be a partner, so it’s no wonder that we run into trouble sometimes.

We learned about love and relationships in our families growing up, and it doesn’t always work for us as adults.

Our relationships are like a laboratory for growth.

Exploring our relationship gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves,

and our own limiting behaviors and beliefs.

Relationship counseling helps couples learn to grow together instead of drifting apart.

I work with couples and individuals to help them grow together and stay together.

I would like to help you to have a loving relationship.

Contact me to schedule an appointment.

Glori R Zeltzer MA, MFT

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Relationship Specialist

Interviewed on Ventura California's Cable Television station, Glori Zeltzer and Leon Berg discuss what they have found to be an effective communication strategy that helps to bring the Art of Intimate Conversation into the lives of couples.  

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"Without vulnerability the door to intimacy is at best ajar." ~Jack Zimmerman

You can have the relationship that you want and deserve

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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